Edgemead High School is a co-educational English-medium public school which opened its doors on 21 January 1986, with 71 pupils. Since then, it has grown phenomenally – in status and in numbers – we now have an enrolment of approximately 1400.

We are no longer the `new’ school – our facilities are established; we’ve proved ourselves to be a school to be reckoned with in all areas. We have a proud history of strong academics, firm yet fair discipline, sound personal development and pastoral care coupled with a diverse extra-mural program.

Our central aim is to provide all our pupils with the opportunity of an all-round education which will prepare them for the world of work and for life in general. We have a diverse pupil population in all spheres (academic, sport and culture). We have top achievers, average pupils, and below average pupils. Therefore we cater for all, and all can feel at home.

Being a public school means that the school is managed by a Governing Body which has a considerable level of autonomy regarding such matters as admissions, discipline, school ethos, etc. In terms of finances, the state pays only for the basic needs of the school and about half our teaching staff; the parents are responsible for paying for all other costs. It also means that the school has the right to levy fees which are compulsory and legally enforceable. Without this right we would not be able to employ additional staff to keep class sizes down or to offer many of the extra services that we supply to our pupils.

 Our approach to education

Our school has a well-thought-through approach to education which aims to put our motto into practice. Our general approach to education is summed up in the way we describe our school: “The Academic Plus School”

The school is committed to its motto – “to have life more abundantly”. By providing a sound all-round education, we are making it possible for pupils to have life more abundantly. This involves encouraging academic achievement. BUT exam results are not enough for these purposes. Catering for pupils’ diverse abilities in a varied extra-curricular programme offers pupils the chance to form lifelong interests outside the academic field.