The Clubs and Societies run throughout the year on an ad hoc basis with the convenors arranging meetings and outings as opportunities arise.  Many convenors encourage pupils to take the lead and manage their club or society themselves.

Art Society

The Art Society meet each week and focus on students particular passion in Visual Art. Expert guidance is offered to artists from Mrs Thorsen. Many of the works from the Art Society are exhibited at the school.

Teacher in charge:  Ms N. Els

Audio Visual Club (AV)

The AV Club is a small group of interested students who assist with the preparation, and running of the Audio/ Visual requirements of a vast array of performance, assemblies, and productions throughout the year. It is an important group, and a great deal of trust and responsiblity is given to students in the AV team.

Teacher in charge: Mr R. Paine


C@ST is the Christian society at school. The acronym C@ST refers to Christians-at-school-together. It is therefore interdenominational and tries to get Christian pupils from various churches to work together at school.

Meetings are held at break on Tuesdays. Youth leaders from various local churches come in and share with the pupils. The committee also arranges various activities to “connect” with the school. In addition, there is a Missions Week, and pupils also present Easter Devotions, and other devotions in assembly during the course of the year.

Teacher in charge: Mrs R. Groenewald


Meeting once a week, the sharp minds of a tactical select few are there battling it out in one of the worlds greatest strategic games. Arguably recognised as the tool for great thinkers, the Chess Club might be the ideal activity for those students wishing to exercise their minds in a new and exciting way.

Teacher in charge:  Mr J. Torode


Politicians do it. Lawyers do it. And, on occasion, even teachers do it.

Argue, that is. The crux of Debating is learning how to argue well, and that in itself is a tricky skill to master. However, once you have a command of your communication with others, it’s easy to talk your way into (or out of) anything. Now that’s power! Edgemead High’s junior and senior Debating teams have the benefit of working with world-class debating coaches to fine-tune their public speaking skills – and they get to fight about, sorry, argue about all kinds of topics while they’re at it. So, if you’re a fast-thinking, fast-talking loudmouth and you know it, then EHS Debaters want to know about you!

Teacher in charge:  Ms D. Kleyman

First Aid 

Members are required to have at least an entry level one First Aid certificate before they can assist in a medical emergency. Normally training is performed on the school premises by St. Johns Ambulance or another private service provider. Once this is obtained, students are required to perform regular first aid duty during school breaks as well as facilitate the sport that takes place after school. The First Aid Committee requires a high level of responsibility and maturity as one is dealing with peoples lives. Anyone interested in considering a career in the medical field should consider joining this committee.

The First Aid Committee play a pivotal role in maintaining safety standards and awareness around the school and at sports events.

Teacher in charge:  Mrs C. Paine

Social Conscience Club (Interact)  

This is the society at EHS that cares for the school and the community. Working together with numerous charities on a variety of projects for the enhancement of the community. Interact has run a few ongoing projects that span the year such as a weekly sandwich collection for our sister school Ysterplaat Junior Primary School and a stationery collection.

The society enjoys connecting with others and seeing a difference made in their lives; knowing that it is not always the grandiose acts of kindness that touch others but the small and enduring thoughts and smiles that brighten lives. Students who has a sincere desire to serve the community are welcome to join and participate in the all the fun of helping others. Interact is always on the look out for new ideas, projects and ways to get involved.

Teacher in charge:  Ms D. Kleyman

Library Assistants Club 

School library assistants are accepted from grade 8 to 11. Monitors work 1st or 2nd break and their duties and responsibilities include: Shelving and shelf tidying, issuing and returning of books and other library material on the computer, covering of books, advice to readers and dealing with general enquiries.

Teachers in charge:  Mrs C. Hacking

Photography Club   

Photography is open for all learners at the school and is the ideal extramural activity for anyone with their own camera and who seeks to be involved in the life of the school. This is an opportunity to document exciting events of all aspects at the school – sports, cultural as well as academic activities of peers are acknowledged and recorded. Being a photographer for EHS means that your photographs may feature on the school’s web site, in the annual magazine and often in presentations during assembly or other prestigious functions such as the awards evenings.

Teacher in charge:  Ms K. de Freitas

Services Committee

The Services Committee is composed of a group of enthusiastic and proactive learners in Grades 10-12. These learners volunteer their time in order to assist the school with a variety of events. These include:

  • Helping teachers with admin
  • Ushering at school events e.g. Shorts, Music Concerts
  • Selling tickets for school events
  • Waitering e.g. sports dinners, Annual Review Evening etc.
  • Assisting at sports matches e.g. tuckshop, timekeeping
  • Taking prospective parents on tours around the school
  • Assisting at school fundraising events 

Learners on this committee are reliable, responsible, well-dressed and punctual. They act as ambassadors for EHS both in and outside the school.

Teachers in charge:  Mrs Mann & Mrs Vd Westhuizen

Esports Club 

Esports is all about gaming. Learners will participate in the ACGL (African Cyber Gaming League) and in the Telkom HSEL (High School Esports League). There are a variety of games that learners may compete in, such as: Rocket League, CS:GO and Fortnite. The club runs throughout the year, with practices taking place in EHS’s very own Gaming Room.

Teachers in charge:  Mr T. Kleinsmith

Robotics Club 

The Robotics club runs throughout the year and is open to all learners at Edgemead High School. Learners who enjoy coding and are creative and enjoy building items with Lego will thrive in this club. Our Robotics teams will participate in many national and international Robotics competitions like the WRO (World Robotics Olympiad) and the FLL (First Lego League) competitions. Our Robotics teams get taught and compete at competitions using the Lego EV3 and Spike Prime Robots. All equipment for practice at school and at competitions are supplied by Edgemead High School.

Teachers in charge:  Mrs M. Vellacott