Mission Statement

EHS is committed to providing the best environment and facilities possible, so that every pupil in the school is able to participate in the activity of their choice. This commitment endeavours to provide for the full spectrum of EHS’s pupils; from the ambitious and talented to those who wish to enjoy their activity on a more social level. Futhermore, the coaches and staff are committed to creating an environment in which each pupil is encouraged to participate in the correct manner.


All pupils are expected to be involved at least twice per week. No pupil is permitted to give up an activity unless permission to do so has been granted by the Deputy-Principal in charge of extra murals and written permission is given by the parents.

Coaches and Staff Involvement:

Every team that represents EHS will have its own coach, who will either be a member of the academic staff, or a private coach specifically chosen for his/her ability to coach sport. The private coaches, who take teams, will be monitored by the staff member (team manager) of that sport and by the Deputy-Principal in charge of Extra Murals.

Under no circumstances will a team representing EHS leave the school or play a match unaccompanied by its coach or the manager.

All members of the permanent staff are expected to coach/manage a sports team or a cultural activity.

We are privileged to be able to offer our pupils various camps and tours.  This privilege means that we must offer the safest environment possible for our children and as a result we are making additions to our policy with immediate effect.

Any adults (staff, parents, coaches etc) assisting at any tournament, camp or sports event may not consume alcohol for the duration of the event as they may be called upon to assist in case of emergency or in any other manner at short notice.

The Sports Committee:

The Sports Committee consists of all the persons in charge of sports and is chaired by the Head of Sport. The function of this committee is to discuss all matters relating to games/activities and facilities and to make recommendations thereon to the Deputy-Principal in charge of Extra Murals. No recommendation of this committee shall be of any effect until it has been confirmed by the Principal.


The Awarding of Scroll Awards:

The nomination of Scroll Awards has always been left to the discretion of the staff member in charge of each respective activity.

Scroll Awards:

Awards may only be awarded after the Head of the sport concerned has discussed each individual case with the Sports Committee. The names of the pupils must then be submitted to the Principal for his approval. Under no circumstances are awards to be published before final approval has been obtained.

Levels of awards:

Ties (sport) for committee members or 1st team members who have played/been involved in 50% of the seasons activities;

Merit: participation at the required level for the season;

Colours:  stands out above the rest of the team/committee;

Honours:  U18 / senior provincial representation.


The Deputy Principal, in conjunction with the Heads of Sports, will be required to develop a budget for each sport for the next financial year, for approval by the Financial Manager. The Principal / Deputy Principal shall then administer the finances of each sport in association with the Heads of each sport.


A private transport company is used to transport EHS pupils. This company is chosen based on:

  • Top quality vehicles
  • Qualified careful drivers
  • Top notch insurance cover

A staff member or coach is to be on the bus. The staff or coach accompanying the pupils is expected to check that the bus and the driver(s) conduct meets with our satisfaction. Queries or concerns should be raised with the Deputy-Principal in charge of Extra Murals.

In the case of an accident the Principal must be contacted immediately the situation has been assessed.

Steps to follow:

  • Calm all concerned as required and attend to any injuries (panic helps no-one).
  • Take all license details of vehicles and drivers from discs on vehicles and ID books, drivers licenses etc.
  • Call police, ambulance etc. as required.
  • Do not allow unqualified interference of pupils etc
  • Call Principal (if not available then Deputy Principal in charge of Extra Murals) – give names and details of pupils involved/injured
  • Principal/coach to call parents of injured (Medical Aid, destination – hospital) 
  • Stay with injured pupils until parents and Principal arrive – at scene or hospital
  • NB: Treat the child as your own in terms of care and attention (this is essential as we need to show that negligence was not an issue and the coach/team manager is tasked with the role of “parent”).


This policy defines procedure, practice and a course of action. It serves as a mode of management and a code of conduct (a set of rules to govern behaviour and organization).

Team Sports:

Strong emphasis is placed on team sports for the following reasons:

  • It teaches children to work together;
  • Develops leadership skills;
  • Teaches pupils to be independent and to be co-operative;
  • Helps to inculcate a selfless attitude and camaraderie;
  • Creates opportunities for synergy.

The following sports are coached at EHS:

Athletics, Rugby, Hockey, Cricket, Tennis, Softball, Road running, Swimming, Cross-Country, Netball, Table Tennis, Soccer & MTB.


1. No pupil may ever miss a practice or match without permission from his coach, in


2. A letter must be written by the parent stating the reason.

3. The abovementioned letter must be handed to the coach before the end of the school day.

4. If a pupil is absent on the day of a match or on a Friday, he may not be permitted to

    play sport on that day or the following day.  The parent is required to call the school and

    inform the coach of the pupil’s inability to attend the match as a result of illness.

5. If a pupil is concussed, he/she must remain off sport for three weeks, or until given

    clearance by his/her doctor.


Pupils are expected to wear the appropriate protective sports’ gear for their relevant activity.

EHS 1st Aiders are to be booked by the coach for all home games.

All injuries that occur while playing sport at the school or whilst playing for an EHS team, must be reported by the coach/supervisor to the person in charge of that sport.  The incident book must be completed.

All medical costs are for the parents account as all sports are played at “own risk”.  It is essential that parents be contacted, if a pupil is injured and requires treatment, to grant permission for any medical treatment.  Only in the case where the teacher is unable to contact the parent will the teacher, in conjunction with a qualified medical person, make a decision regarding treatment.


Sun protection:

Recent concerns over the dangerous UV levels have highlighted the danger of skin cancer. The policy is that, where it is appropriate, pupils must wear hats and use block out creams.


Tours would be for first team senior squads only and would not include any U15 players unless permission is granted by the Principal. Younger groups have the opportunity to travel on internal tours and to various festivals.

Only current EHS pupils are to tour with an official EHS tour.  As far as possible, two staff are to accompany a touring team and the group should not exceed 20 pupils.

Fund Raising:

This may take place with the permission of the Principal and should not conflict with other school fundraising. Fund raising would only normally be granted to cover costs of overseas tours. Money raised will be used to:

  • The funds raised should be used to offset the overall tour costs of all pupils touring as an official EHS team.
  • Funds raised should be submitted to a Tour Fund Account administered by the school and distribution be arranged by the Deputy-Principal.
  • A manager and assistant (staff) should accompany the tour and their costs are to be included in the cost of each pupil.
  • Should permission for fund raising be granted, a Tour Fund Raising Committee would need to meet with the Deputy-Principal and the coach involved to agree to the process of fund raising.


The official dress code is:

  • School Tracksuit
  • Practices – Phys.Ed. shorts/skirt and top or acceptable sports clothing, appropriate shoes.
  • Matches – see pictures on webpage applicable to a team.

Age Groups:

All pupils are expected to play for the teams that are in accordance with their age group. In effect, this means that a pupil may not play for an U16 team when he/she is still U15. 

Exceptions to this regulation are possible, but only with the approval of the Deputy-Principal in charge of Extra Murals, after consultation with all interested parties. This would include the parents and coaches.

In the case of teams, which do not have an age structure such as golf, pupils of all ages may compete for places in all teams. In sports, such as tennis, cycling etc. junior pupils may represent the school at senior level as long as they have earned their place in the side by working their way through the lower sides.

For the teams that do have an established age structure i.e. under14, 15, 16, such as rugby, hockey and cricket, pupils are expected to play within their age groups.

Selection for first team representation is based on merit within the senior age group (U18) and if there are not enough pupils available from this age group then only pupils who are in grade 10 to 11 may be considered. (In summer, pupils chosen must be about to enter grade 10).  However, in exceptional circumstances a written motivation may be given for a younger player to be included.  This motivation is to be supplied to the Deputy-Principal in charge of Extra Murals and the matter will be discussed with the Principal and parents and a decision given.

Sports such as Swimming and Athletics may have a first team made up of 4 pupils from each age group as this is required for competitions (eg: 4 x U14, 4 x U16 & 4 x U19).  Younger members cannot receive scroll awards, but can be singled out for special mention by the coach at awards dinners.

The Calendar Year:

It is a firm policy no sport may be played or practiced out of season.

In effect this means that winter sports may not commence until the last week of the first term, and then only, if the cricket season has completed. Similarly no summer sport may commence until all winter sports have been completed.

Exceptions to this regulation are possible, but only with the approval of the Deputy Principal in charge of Extra Murals.  An example of an exception would be pre-season fitness training for contact sports such as Rugby.  The most likely exception would be for a team preparing itself for a pre-season tour or festival. During each term, specific times have been arranged for each sport to hold practices. It is a fundamental policy that these times are respected by every other sport, as well as academic departments, so that clashes do not occur and pupils are not put under unnecessary pressure and demands.

Sports may not take place at any other times other than their allocated practice days.

Code of Conduct for Sportsmanship:

Although participation in sport implies physical activity and involves competition, there is a very important element of sportsmanship involved.

The true sportsman will uphold the “unwritten rules” of the game.

It is expected that all EHS pupils will abide by the following code:

  • Maintain a sense of balance. Play the game to win, but not to win at all costs;
  • Know all the rules of the game and stick to them. Rules will not be bent to suit the team. It is dishonest to cheat;
  • Accept all decisions made by the umpire or referee without backchat or moaning. Emotions to be controlled at all times;
  • A true sportsperson never loses their temper;
  • A sports team only has one captain. Support them at all times;
  • A true sportsperson will not look for excuses if the team loses. Accept the fact that your defeat was because the opposition was superior on the day;
  • Be hospitable to visiting teams. Mingle with your opponents at or after match functions;
  • Always wear the correct sports dress and attire.

Deputy in charge of Extra murals:  Mrs Frazer




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