Edgemead hosts an annual parent information evening

Three PIE events were held this year, one in each of terms 1, 2 and 3: 22 March, 23 May, and 22 August.

We were privileged to have professionals of high calibre presenting on topics about which each is passionate. Dr Deon Els came down from Richards Bay and addressed parents, educators and the learners on changing high risk behaviour.

The topic addressed by Arnfried was Emotional Intelligence, and Joy shared skills to bust parent/teen communication barriers. Feedback from those parents attending these evenings was positive suggesting that PIE provides a valuable forum for parents to gain valuable information.


In 2018, EHS hosted three PIE events and received great feedback from the parents whom attended.

As bullying is a rising global issue in most schools, Mrs Lewis and I decided to start the year off with a workshop focussing specifically on bullying and cyberbullying, called The long and short of bullying”. In this workshop, we defined bullying, explained the extent of bullying, went over statistics in South Africa in regards to bullying, the impact of bullying, as well as how we can empower the victim and help our children become more resilient. We also used this opportunity to share the school’s policy on bullying, how the reporting process works and how the counselling department attempts to educate and support both the victim and the bully within our school. It was exciting to have two matrics in the evening, who spoke to parents about the launch of their student-run ABC (Anti-Bullying-Committee). This is a campaign founded by the senior learners of the school in an attempt to stop the bullying culture of society and provide a voice for the victims of bullying.

The second evening was hosted in March, by Bothasig, Warrant Officer, Luan Stears & Social worker at Youth Development Specialist at Girls and Boys Town, Elsa Van Der Watt. This was a powerful evening in which parents were advised and guided on identifying drugs & paraphernalia commonly used by youth in our community, the warning signs of substance experimentation/abuse, the risks of underage drinking and social use of weed, as well as how to manage and treat substance abuse/addiction in teens.

In August, we ended off the PIE series with Trauma and Grief, due to the amount of trauma and loss we have experienced over the year in our community. Presents were Breaking Barriers Trauma Counsellor, Lucinda Arenstein and EHS Educational Psychologist, Melany Black. The main focus was on understanding trauma and loss and how we as adults can help our children go through this process, heal and remain hopeful about their future.

James Lech is a Doctoral candidate in sub-molecular medicine/ biophysics who did a talk on Thursday 7 February. Attendees (over 70 parents and some learners) were treated to a scintillating presentation on the impact of light waves on our environment and more significantly, the health repercussions for us. The topic was Optimal lighting to enhance academic and athletic performance and all who received this message were challenged to make a radical mind shift.

Leon Grove, a clinical psychologist, executive coach, and author, gave a very valuable, well-received workshop on Thursday 9 May on Managing Millennial Madness. Leon’s message is best summed up in his own words; “In the past, the term “stress” has been used to refer only to negative pressures. Today we need to realize that stress is a natural and essential part of living and growing. The answer to coping with these pressures lies in understanding what stress is, taking personal control and applying stress management techniques. It is vital that each person realizes that he/she has a choice to make when dealing with stress: Deal with it or it will deal with you.” Leon’s book “The ABC of Stress” is a quick read to stimulate reflection on your own life and how you deal with stress.

Dr Bernadine Jansen Van Vuuren is a Doctor of Phytotherapy (a synergistic approach to health-care, combining the best of science, medicine and nature). Her topic was Inflammation and Blood Sugar control Attendees learnt how inflammation, insulin, cortisol (part of the stress response) and weight gain are inter-related as well as what can be done to improve outcomes with diet, lifestyle and supplements.

Lindsey Lewis, School Counselor