This policy defines procedure, practice and a course of action. It serves as a mode of management and a code of conduct (a set of rules to govern behaviour and organization).

Strong emphasis is placed on Cultural Activity involvement for the following reasons:

  • It teaches children to work together;
  • Develops leadership skills;
  • Teaches pupils to be independent and to be co-operative;
  • Helps to inculcate a selfless, caring attitude and camaraderie;
  • Creates opportunities for synergy.

The following activities are offered at EHS:

Animal anti-cruelty, interact, service, photography, debating, public speaking, orchestra, marimba band, library assistant, hiking, computer assistant


1. No pupil may ever miss a meeting or activity without permission from the teacher in charge, in advance.

2. A letter must be written by the parent stating the reason.

3. The abovementioned letter must be handed to the teacher in charge before the end of

    the school day.


Tours may only occur when permission is granted by the Principal. Only current EHS pupils are to tour with an official EHS tour.  As far as possible, two staff are to accompany a tour group, with a maximum of 20 pupils per group.

Fund Raising:

This may take place with the permission of the Principal and should not conflict with other school fundraising. Fund raising would only normally be granted to cover costs of overseas tours. Money raised will be used to:

  • The funds raised should be used to offset the overall tour costs of all pupils touring as an official EHS group.
  • Funds raised should be submitted to a Tour Fund Account administered by the school and distribution be arranged by the Deputy-Principal.
  • A manager and assistant (staff) should accompany the tour and their costs are to be included in the cost of each pupil.
  • Should permission for fund raising be granted, a Tour Fund Raising Committee would need to meet with the Deputy-Principal and the coach involved to agree to the process of fund raising.

Deputy in charge of Extra murals:  Mrs Frazer




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