Shorts (One Act Play Festival)

The One-Act Play festival is an annual event which encourages all learners to get involved in theatre: acting, directing, writing, stage managing, backstage work, prop design, sound and lighting are but a few of the areas from which they can choose. Many learners have said that the one-act plays have been the best experience of their high school career.

Teacher in charge: Mrs Burger

School Musical Production

Held biennially, the school produces a major Musical Production. In 2013 we staged the popular The Little Shop of Horrors, in the beautiful Baxter Theatre.  In 2015 we staged Hello Dolly.  Once again at the Baxter.  In 2017 we staged Grease and cemented our reputation as a school that is able to produce top quality productions in the most professional manner. New pupils are welcome to audition for these productions.

Teacher in charge: Mrs Bekker & Mrs Burger


The School Orchestra continues to develop into a vibrant ensemble with over 20 musicians as members. The Orchestra is open to all pupils of the school who can play an instrument at a suitable level.

Teacher in charge: Mrs Bekker


The Choir has grown to be a strong and confident vocal ensemble, and has performed in many competitions.  2017 saw the introduction of a Senior Boys Choir, Senior Girls Choir and a Junior Mixed Choir. 

Teacher in charge: Mr Swanepoel

Guitar Ensemble

Open to all pupils in the school, the Guitar Ensemble comprises classical guitarists, who perform at various events throughout the year. In some instances an audition may be required. All members of the ensemble must be able to read music.  

Teacher in charge: Mr Williams

Marimba Ensembles

Open to all pupils in the school, EHS currently has three ensembles who are growing from strength to strength. Pupils interested in joining one of the ensembles may need to be auditioned by Woodworx Marimbas. 

Please note there are costs involved for the tuition in the Marimba Ensembles.

Teacher in charge: Mrs Bekker

Jazz Band

A relatively new feature in our Music Department that has already won the Tygerberg Eisteddfod and is show-casing the school’s musical talent. 

Teacher in charge: Mr Davids


We have a number of active smaller ensembles, Senior String Ensemble, Senior Flute Ensemble, Senior Pop Ensemble, the ensembles cater for all the instruments that are taught at the school and all music students are encouraged to become involved in ensemble work. Learners who are able to play above grade 3 level are able to join an ensemble.

Teacher in charge: Mrs Bekker

Extra-curricular instrumental tuition:

Tuition is offered in various instruments:

Voice, piano, violin, viola, cello, flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, trumpet, trombone, french horn, classical guitar, electric guitar, electric bass and  drum kit.

Extra-curricular instrumental tuition incurs an additional cost.