TERM 4 Exam Timetable


  1. Correct school uniform is to be worn at all times and hair rules are adhered to.
  2. Boys – reminder to shave.  Girls – reminder no make-up, nail polish or jewellery.
  3. No Food/water bottles/juice bottles on your desk in the exam venue.
  4. No walkman/radios/cell phones/ CD players/ palm tops/ iPads/ iPods/ magazines/ games which the teacher on duty may deem unacceptable. This includes phones that are switched off.
  5. Notes and books are to be carried in the correct school bag.
  6. Suitcases are to be closed under the chairs, loose notes and books on the teachers table.
  7. Pupils with extra time write in a separate venue.
  8. Learners are to sit in silence from the moment writing paper is handed out until everything is collected at the end of the exam.
  9. Papers are handed out face down, do not touch!
  10. Reading time for exam scripts before starting papers:  5min for grade 8 & 9; 10min for grade 10 to 12.
  11. No communicating in any way eg. Writing notes, whispering, looking at each other etc.
  12. Bring all required stationery (coloured pencils, staplers, calculators, protractors etc.) as no borrowing is allowed.
  13. No tippex to be used.
  14. Do not continually ask the duty teacher questions.
  15. Inappropriate comments or answers are not allowed and will be penalised.  (even “I don’t know.”)
  16. Only black or dark blue ink may be used.
  17. Papers may not be handed in early.
  18. Papers must be glued or stapled on the top left-hand corner before handing in.
  19. Nobody may leave the exam room during an exam session.  Visit the toilet before the exam session begins.
  20. Please make sure everything is handed in as no part of an exam paper will be accepted after the exam is finished.
  21. At the end of the year all textbooks to be returned, lost books have to be paid for.
  22. Absenteeism: All learners are required to attend school throughout the examination period.




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