Campus 2020

Campus 2020 News

Campus 2020 was launched in July 2014 and is the vision for the development of our campus over the next 5 years.  The Governing Body and Management Team of Edgemead High School has a vision of development of the school campus.  Our first project was to put down a full size astro and following this as finances allow to improve or rebuild our cafeteria.

As most of our community is aware we are now the proud owners of a full-size synthetic hockey turf.  This project was the launch of our Campus 2020 Development project and coincided with our 30th year. 2016 saw us starting on the refurbishment of our Cafeteria, a much longed for addition to our campus, which has been most successful.

We are now busy refurbishing our staff room which was much in need of a face-lift and clean up.

Astro Project


20 April 2015

The Wright Astro is offically open!  The opening was a wonderfully festive occasion with the past pupils showing the youngsters how to play and enjoy their hockey. Many staff had a slightly dazed look as they looked at this beautiful addition to our school campus which has definitely raised the bar in terms of how we view ourselves and what the future holds for Edgemead in all spheres.  The first league games were played on Friday against The Settlers High School and, fittingly, we won both games. Well done to Edgemead Hockey.

We have sold 13 advertising boards already, only 20 spaces so if you are interested please contact Mrs Frazer at the school.  We also have a “buy a piece of turf” fundraiser for 120 lucky people to have their names on a board forever, R500 a slot – contact Mrs Frazer for details.

18 March 2015

This week has to be the most exciting week yet!  the carpet is almost finished and the sand dressing starts on Friday, the pavilion and technical area steel work and roof is half completed and the fencing is done.  We are all but finished the project, all that remians is the finishing and making everything look pretty for the opening!

Reminder that our official opening is on Tuesday 14 April at 3.15pm.  We have sold 5 advertising boards already, only 20 spaces so if you are interested please contact Mrs Frazer at the school.  We also have a “buy a piece of turf” fundraiser for 120 lucky people to have their names on a board forever, R500 a slot – contact Mrs Frazer for details.

5 March 2015

Finally the carpet is being laid!  Now we have a sense of an astro forming and we are sure by the end of next week the carpet should be finished.  See the gallery below.

27 February 2015

At last, after many months of anticipation the carpet arrived today!  Now we all hold thumbs for clear dry weather so the shock pad and carpet can be laid next week.  Slowly in the background the finishing touches are being put in place – the paving is almost finished and the fence posts are in and next week the netting goes up.  Our luxury parking area is starting to look like an astro at last.

18 February 2015

Excitement levels are rising at Edgemead High School as the past week saw very visible developments at the astro.  The technical area and cricket pavilion is starting to look like a possible building, the surface of the astro is finished and the shock pad and carpet have been delivered and the fence posts have been planted. We have had to almost restrain Mr Wright from spending all day watching the work in progress as he is so excited.

We also have two confirmed sponsors that have purchsed sponsor boards for placing on the astro fencing which will be put in place on the 1st April and we are looking forward to selling 20 boards this season.  Queries about this option can be directed to Mrs Frazer.

For the less corporate there will be the limited option to buy a “piece of turf” (not a real piece unfortunately) for R500 and have your name on our special sponsor board at the astro forever!  Watch out for our circulars for details that will be coming out shortly.

21 January 2015 

The based layering was completed when the builders year ended in 2014, this was sort of like a gravel carpark with the curb edging.  We are now busy with the first part of levelling which involves putting down a tar-like layer in sections that are carefully levelled.  The contractors involved with the tecnical area (the undercover area where the teams and scorer etc sit) moved onto site on the 20 January to begin construction of the small cricket/hockey pavilion that will include the technical area.  We decided to increase the size of this technical area to include seating for about 60 cricket spectators in summer at the back of the hockey area. The long term view is to further increase the length of this pavilion to add seating for the hockey pitch that will be under-cover as well.

Cafeteria News – Starting the Project

9 May 2016

The Cafeteria project has finally started!  Site handover officially took place today.

Expected completion date is August 2016.

11 January 2016 

The Cafeteria project has reached the stage of preparing for tender.  This means we will be giving building companies/contractors the option to quote on the project and then the SGB will study the presentations of the different quotes and make a decision as to which contractor to choose.

We are hoping that building work will start by March 2016.

Cafeteria News – 23 May 2016

23 May 2016

IMG_7971 Web.jpg

Two weeks and we have altered the face of Edgemead dramatically.  The walls have come down, opening up the area that will be used for seating, and the foundations for the terrace and the kitchen have been dug. 

Please be aware that this is a construction site and no entry is allowed by any parent or pupil.  There will be construction vehicles on our property at times – be careful please.

Cafeteria News – 3 August 2016 & 14 June 2016

3 August 2016

The Cafeteria is rapidly taking shape.  Interior plastering is almost finished and the ceilings are due to be put in over the next week.  Meetings are taken up choosing tiles, counter tops and paving, while checking that we are on target financially and ready to hand over site in mid-September.  All very exciting.  Our next challenge is to choose the name for the cafeteria from all the options and ideas put forward by the school.

IMG_8057 Web.jpg     IMG_8060 web.jpg

14 June 2016

We are making super progress, the kitchen, scullery and storeroom walls are almost completed.  Standing on site at the site meeting gives a lovely perspective of the school building, which I am sure the pupils are going to appreciate once the facility is completed.  Finishes are being chosen for cupboards, floors and walls and this adds to the excitement.

IMG_7985 webpage.jpg

Cafeteria News – 19 September 2016 & 23 August 2016

19 September 2016

IMG_8280 web.jpg  IMG_8283 web.jpg

23 August 2016

Four weeks to completion and we can see the cafeteria rapidly taking shape.  The kitchen cupboards are being installed and tiling of the kitchen area is complete.  The rest of the tiling will start very soon and the sliding doors are installed (without glass).  The space is starting to look very impressive and we are looking forward to being able to show it off once completed.

IMG_8111 web.jpg   IMG_8113 web.jpg

Exciting News

Edgemead 1st boys’ hockey team once again finished in the top 5 in the Premier League this season.  An outstanding achievement, as we are the top co-ed school in the league for the second year running.  We are fast cementing out status as the top co-ed hockey school in the peninsula.
Our girls’ team finished 3rd in their league and are looking forward to finishing top of the league next season
Our boys’ soccer side once again won their league confirming Edgemead’s position as one of the top soccer schools on the West Coast.