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Term 1 Report:
Edgemead High School finished top of their group in the @acglmedia African Cyber Gaming League in term 1, which gains us entry to the Premiere Division for term 2.

We finished term 1 by winning 4 of our 5 games. We went up against teams such as @jeppeboys_official@greyboyshighschool@westerfordhighschool @hs_eldoraigne and @hs_zwartkop_sport.

Looking forward to term 2 in the Premiere Division.

Clubs – eSports

EHS vs Jeppe High School
Team EHS played their first competitive match in the ACGL league against Jeppe.

The boys were quite confident and felt good coming into the match as they had prepared on Friday and Saturday. This was a best of 3 match with the scores as follows:
Game 1: 6 – 0 (EHS)
Game 2: 11 – 1 (EHS)

The standout player was Jordan Titus as he scored 9 goals, got 6 assists, and made 1 save.

Let’s go Eagles! ❤️🦅💙