11th Annual Edgemead High School Classical Guitar Competition 2019

Our 11th Annual Guitar Competition took place on Saturday 19 October. Young guitarists from all over the Cape Peninsula came together to showcase their abilities. Despite the competitive aspect of the event, the learners are also afforded the opportunity to grow as performers and to be exposed to the greater classical guitar community. The competition was a great success and it was especially rewarding for parents and teachers to see the level of confidence and professionalism that was displayed by the performers on the day. Edgemead High School is especially grateful to Paul Bothners who once again sponsored prizes for the category winners and Best Overall Performance trophy winner.

Trophy winners are as follows:
Best Primary School Guitarist – Ruben van Zyl
Best High School Guitarist – Yaaseen Cassiem
Best Beginner Guitarist – Jude Cader
Most Promising Guitarist – Liam Stoffberg
Best Overall Performance – Anekin Pockpass

Congratulations to the following EHS learners:

Erin Cullingworth – 2nd place in Grade 9

Davin Laurings – 1st place in Grade 10

John Paul Dumont – 3rd place in Grade 11

Melissa Barton – 1st place in Grade 12

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